Braemar Charitable Trust is the proud owner of Braemar Hospital, one of New Zealand’s leading private surgical hospitals and an icon of the Waikato community with a history dating back to 1926.

The Braemar Hospital Charitable Trust itself was formed nearly fifty years later (in 1970), when Braemar Hospital Ltd resolved to transfer to the Trust all of the assets of the company on the condition that the hospital operate as a charitable trust.

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Under the guidance of the Braemar Hospital Charitable Trust (renamed to Braemar Charitable Trust in 2001) the hospital has grown from strength to strength, adding new theatres, wards and services.

It had always been the intention of the founders that as Braemar became more financially secure, the number of charitable distributions would increase, with a core focus on the people of Waikato.


  1. Improve health outcomes in the community through initiatives that will have a concrete positive impact on people’s lives;
  2. Enhance the Braemar brand and/or positively impact on the performance of Braemar Hospital as a “Centre of Excellence”;
  3. Support meaningful projects that “make a difference” to community health and wellbeing; and
  4. Collaborate/build relationships with organisations who already successfully providing services, achieving positive health outcomes and with whom we share a similar vision.

The day to day running and operation of the Braemar Charitable Trust is managed by a Trust Manager and is governed by a Trust Board comprising of Lay and Medical Trustees, who collectively contribute a wealth of commercial, governance, community and medical/health sector experience.

The Braemar Charitable Trust is independent of any other organisation, is not affiliated with any political or religious group and is administered by a Board of Trustees.