What we do

Braemar Trust is a Waikato-based and focused charitable trust and the 100% shareholder of the Braemar Hospital, which has grown to be one of New Zealand’s leading private surgical hospitals. 

The Braemar Hospital story starts with the vision of one pioneering and entrepreneurial woman, a nursing sister named Frances Young. In 1926, Young saw the need for a private hospital to treat patients from the Waikato and so the seed of today’s hospital was sown.  After selling the hospital in the 1950s, its ownership remained in the hands of private medical practitioners until 1970, when it was transferred into the ownership of the Braemar Charitable Trust (then known as Braemar Hospital Charitable Trust). This date is significant as it means that 2021 marks our 50th year as owners of the hospital.

Coronavirus: Waikato funders step up to help groups dealing with Covid-19 crisis

Waikato's community funders are rallying together to back groups at the "coalface" of the coronavirus crisis.The Waikato Community Funders Group, a collection of the region's philanthropic trusts aRead more

Braemar Charitable Trust: Proud to be a Member of Waikato Community Funders Group COVID-19 response

Waikato Community Funders Group collaborate on COVID-19 response Community funders in the Waikato region have combined efforts to directly support non-profit organisations who are well-placed toRead more

Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Webinar- COVID-19 and YOUR Cause - How to Weather the Storm

Appreciate it is a very challenging time out there for not for profit organisations who are working to support their communities. Below is a link to an excellent webinar run by Funding RaisingRead more

A sneak peek at whats been happening with the Braemar Charitable Trust/Arts for Health in Hospital Arts for Health Programmes

We are absolutely delighted to be able to share with your some wonderful feedback and a wee photo clip gain a little sneak peek at what has been happening at the Arts for health workshops at WaikatoRead more

Applications Now Open! Braemar Charitable Trust Trainee Anaesthetic Technician Award

In partnership with the New Zealand Anaesthetic Technician Society, we are proud to be able to provide an opportunity for a Trainee Anaesthetic Technician to attend the Annual Anaesthetic TechnicianRead more

Director Vacancy- Braemar Hospital Limited

The Braemar Charitable Trust as the 100% shareholder of Braemar Hospital Limited, is seeking a new Independent Director to be appointed to the Braemar Hospital Board. The Position brief is available Read more

Catalysing the Waikato Wellbeing Movement -proud to be supporting the Waikato Wellbeing Project

The Trust was a foundation participant and contributor to the “Waikato Wellbeing Project”. A project that is underpinned by the “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”. This project isRead more

Congratulations to Lay Trustee- George Bridgewater

Congratulations to our Lay Trustee George Bridgewater (CPA, MNZM) on his appointments as Future Director on the Halberg Foundation's Board. George has been a Trustee since 2017 and is also ManagingRead more

Braemar Charitable Trust History Project

Well known Waikato Journalist Kingsley Field has been engaged to write of the history of the Braemar Charitable Trust. Kingsley who has recorded the history of many interesting families and iconicRead more

New Gallery Space for Arts for Health Community Trust

The Braemar Charitable Trust was delighted to be able to attend the celebration and grand opening of the Arts for Health Community Trust brand new gallery space. Having a well lit, purpose builtRead more

National Ostomy Society Conference 2019

120 Delegates attended the 2019 National Ostomy Conference hosted by the Waikato Ostomy Society on 10th and 11th August 2019. The Braemar Charitable Trust was delighted to be able to sponsor this eveRead more

Proud to support the valuable work of No Duff Charitable Trust

Braemar Charitable Trust is honored to be added to the "community of supporters" to assist No Duff Charitable Trust. No Duff provides support for the services community in New Zealand, that consists Read more