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To enable the Braemar Charitable Trust to continue to improve health outcomes for people living in our community both now and in the future, we need your support. There are many ways to get involved. For example, providing a donation, leaving a bequest to the Braemar Charitable Trust, sponsoring our community surgery programme or contributing to our scholarship fund. All donations are tax deductible.

You may wish to make a gift in a way that is special to you, perhaps in a way that we have not covered below. If so, we would gladly spend some time with you to ascertain the most efficient way for you to make your gift.

Find out more in our "Braemar in the Community" brochure below

Why donate to Braemar Charitable Trust

The Braemar Charitable Trust works to improve health equity and outcomes in the wider Midlands region through a variety of activities including free community surgeries, health sector training and professional development, scholarships, medical research and more.

While the Trust receives dividends from Braemar Hospital, its main asset, it does need community support as well to be able to move the needle on health outcomes in the region. Our region is growing and also ageing, and the Braemar Charitable Trust is looking to the future to ensure a healthy population.

Every donation received, whether small or large, helps us to achieve meaningful health outcomes and supports the quality of healthcare services delivered in the Waikato region. 

Your support is vital, and can be directed towards research, scholarships, training or it can be used for the Braemar Community Surgery Programme. This is where the Trust and the Hospital work with specialists to provide free surgery to patients who have been declined or face very long wait times in the public system, don't have health insurance nor the financial means to fund private care.

Most of these surgeries are provided at Braemar Hospital, but some procedures are performed in conjunction with partner organisations in our community.

Please consider donating to the Community Surgery Programme, or even sponsoring the programme if you are an organisation wanting to support great work in our community. 

If you would like to make a donation please contact Paula Baker, Manager Braemar Charitable Trust email: or post to Braemar Charitable Trust PO Box 972, Waikato Mail Centre 3240

By donating funds to the Braemar Charitable Trust, you will be helping to invest in health related initiatives-research, innovation, education, training, prevention and support- that will make a tangible difference and concrete impact on people living in our region.

Leave a Bequest

When you leave a bequest in your will, you provide for future generations. It is an act of generosity and an investment in the future. Including a bequest to the Braemar Charitable Trust extends that legacy from your family to your community and is a simple and effective way to support other people‚Äôs needs many years into the future. It is a wonderful legacy to leave. Talk to us to find out more at:

Ongoing Donations

Many people like to support us after they have had a great experience at Braemar Hospital and want to help provide free community surgeries for those in need, Others simply want to recognise the good work we do and provide an ongoing gift to the Braemar Charitable Trust.

If you'd like to do this, options include regular giving via credit card through our donation platform, setting up an automatic payment from your banking system or payroll giving via your work, can often be organised. 

All donations are tax deductible and we receipt every donation. You will also be included in the "Friends of Braemar" supporters group and receive donor updates and hear about the great impact your giving is having.

To leave a bequest to Braemar Charitable Trust please contact Paula Baker on

Community Surgery Programme

Surgeons and GP's can apply to the Braemar Charitable Trust to provide surgery to patients who have been declined or face very long wait times in the public system, don't have health insurance nor the financial means to fund private care. The surgeons and anaesthetists perform the surgeries free of charge, Braemar Hospital provides the theatre and facilities and Braemar Charitable Trust funds the cost of the medical supplies and theatre/hospital staff. Community surgeries are a core focus for the Braemar Charitable Trust and with demand increasing annually, we aim to carry out more each year and to enable members of our community to return to work, care for their family and returning to the activities they enjoy. 

Many surgeons and anaesthetists who are credentialed to operate at Braemar Hospital are willing to perform surgeries free of charge but the Trust and Hospital must still cover many costs related to the surgical procedure.

We ask organisations and individuals to support us so we can boost the number of annual community surgeries performed, by donating directly or sponsoring a full Community Surgery day. By providing this gift, you (or your organisation) will have a direct and immediate impact and make a significant difference to the quality of life of someone living in our community. Find out more about this programme in the attached brochure.

Contributing to the Braemar Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund

Increasing capability and capacity within the health sector is another important facet in the work of the Braemar Charitable Trust. We fund scholarships for a wide range of medical practitioners and trainees, including tertiary students studying health or nursing.

By contributing to the Braemar Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund, you will be investing in current and future health care and provision not only our region, but across New Zealand.

Get in Touch: If you'd like to chat in more detail or discuss how you can support Braemar Charitable Trust, drop a line to Trust Manager Paula Baker at


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