Hot of the Press-Our 50 year celebration book "Braemar in the Community" is now available

The Braemar Charitable Trust is excited to announce that our celebratory book ‘Braemar in

the Community’ has been published. Our book shares the 50 year history of the Trust, the accounts
of those who have helped shape the Braemar family we are today and was written by esteemed
Waikato-based journalist, Kingsley Field.
The following excerpt is from the foreword written by Trust Chair, Victoria Ashplant, which describes
who we are and what we stand for – an identity we are very proud of after 50 years! Copies will be
sent out to our stakeholders over the coming month. Please get in touch if you would like a copy.

‘Our ownership of Braemar Hospital is at the heart of our identity. The hospital
provides access to excellent facilities and talented people to deliver our flagship
charitable surgical program. Thank you to all who volunteer their time and skills
for this cause. Your impact for our community is nothing short of life-changing.

Over time, our standing as an independent hospital charity has broadened to
collaborating with other like-minded organizations; a smarter way to deliver
greater impact for the community. Our research informs better choices and
advances medical practice, and we share that knowledge so that the way we take
care of the health of our people evolves with the needs of the community and
future demands of health.

We take steps as a trust today so that we are resilient to whatever challenges
present in the future. These steps secure our relevance, and that of the trust, so
that our outcomes are sustainable. I envisage the Braemar Charitable Trust will
continue to be of significant value to our community’.


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