Introducing one of our charitable surgery anaesthetists-Kelly Byrne

Kelly Byrne has been a consultant anesthetist for 10 years and has been involved in several charitable surgery programs overseas, including in Fiji, Tonga, and Cambodia.

As Kelly provides anesthesia services at Braemar Hospital as well as for the Waikato DHB, he was attracted to the Braemar Charitable Surgery program when looking for charitable surgery opportunities in New Zealand.

Over the last two years as a medical associate assisting with the charitable surgery program, Kelly has assessed patients prior to surgery, provided anesthesia during their procedure, and ensured that they have appropriate post-operative pain relief.

While Kelly applauds the New Zealand public health system, he concedes that there are particular high-demand procedures where people may wait several months, and in some cases a year, for surgeries that would enable them to live free of pain and retain their quality of life. These types of surgical procedures are the focus of the Braemar Charitable Surgery Program.

Kelly was also involved in Braemar’s April 2021 Charitable Surgery Day, where he worked alongside the oral surgeons and assisted eligible patients across the Waikato region who were able to receive free and timely treatment through the Braemar Charitable Surgery Program.

He hopes that “we made a meaningful difference to their quality of life” and is excited to continue being a part of Braemar’s invaluable program.

Please see our website for more information about our Charitable Surgery Program and eligibility criteria at www.braemar.trust.co.nz


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