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Waikato Family Centre says "thanks" to the Braemar Charitable Trust

The Braemar Charitable Trust was delighted to be able to assist the Waikato Family Centre who for over 21 years, have provided professional, free, nursing based and integrated family health services to family/whanau with babies and toddlers, in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. 

When the Waikato Family Centre approached the Braemar Charitable Trust to assist them to install a separate area and sink bench for parents and staff to manage breast milk, breast pumps, cleaning, autoclaving and storage of breast milk, we were happy to help. 

Trust Manager Paula Baker, said "having a separate area for mothers to hygienically breastfeed and store their milk, will achieve a much safer and healthier environment for parents and staff". Having this separate area "will also assist the Waikato Family Centre to achieve it's aim to meet the World Health Organisation code as well as the DHB requirements and to support mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals". 

Waikato Family Centre Office Manager and Funding Convenor, Raewyn McKenzie gave their thanks to the Breamar Charitable Trust and said, the "Nurses are very excited to have this all installed and ready to go".  


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