New Art Initiative for Hospital Patients sponsored by Braemar Trust


The Braemar Charitable Trust and Arts for Health Community Trust.

Patients in the Older Persons Rehabilitation wing are in for a treat while they recover in Waikato Hospital with the start of three new weekly Arts for Health Community Trust workshops. The art workshops are designed to utilise the creative arts as a healing therapy, increase social interactions and independence and to participate in a community rather than nurse lead activity.

These workshops are only possible due to a six month sponsorship by The Braemar Charitable Trust. Trust Manager Paula Baker, said “we are delighted to support the wonderful work undertaken by Arts for Health Community Trust who enable people in our community, particularly those who are disadvantaged due to illness, injury or disability, to regain their confidence, build self- esteem, forge new friendships and to achieve "Wellness through Art”.

“Supporting the work of Arts for Health Community Trust is a good fit and logical partnership for us as we are seeking to build “healthier communities” through investing in health-related initiatives-research, innovation, education, training, prevention and support- that improves health outcomes for the people living in our community.”

As a community driven arts organisation, Arts for Health Community Trust has recently celebrated their successful 6th annual art competition and exhibition with a record breaking 95 entries. These fundraisers enable Arts for Health to work alongside our more vulnerable members of the community as we believe that everyone deserves to be creative, no matter what their circumstances.

Arts for Health Manager Cass Hendry, is excited about the new initiative, “the arts play an amazing part in helping people to forget about their worries associated with hospitalisation and do something playful and fun, act as a trigger for sharing their own personal stories and for getting to know other patients just a little bit better, even if its only for a few hours”.

The Braemar Charitable Trust also provides funding for post-operative medical care who through specialist referral, don’t qualify for treatment through the public health system, have no medical insurance nor the means of covering the cost of their treatment. The Braemar Charitable Trust is the 100% shareholder of the Braemar Hospital. Braemar Hospital was founded in 1926 and the health services it provides have been a significant part of the Waikato health sector for over 90 years and is now one of the largest private hospitals in New Zealand offering a comprehensive range of Specialist services.

For more information on the Braemar Charitable Trust Art Studio, Art Therapy workshops and the services they provide visit www.artsforhealth.co.nz


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