Fraser High School Student hosted at Braemar Hospital

The Braemar Charitable Trust supported Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Ruth Tan to establish "Te Rau Oranga Scholarship" fund. The goal of this fund is to provide inspiration, mentorship and to open doors for young Māori to enter a career in health care. Te Rau Oranga awarded $10,000 worth of scholarships to 9 successful students in 2023. In addition to funding, the students have had the opportunity to meet a range of health care professionals whom have inspired the rangatahi with different health career pathways including medicine, phlebotomy, kaitiaki and medical sales. They attended the annual pūhoro wānanga held at Waikato University and through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Johnson & Johnson, the students participated in an interactive saw bone workshop. Two students also had the opportunity of a holiday job at The Hamilton Eye Clinic and two students had the experience of a day in theatre with Dr Tan. A fantastic opportunity to expose the students to the many different specialties which help a theatre run – surgeon, anaesthatist, anaesthetic technician, nurses, health care assistants, sales representatives and radiographers. In February, Braemar welcomed 7 students for an open day. This day was a fabulous success, and the students experienced the generosity and hospitality Braemar is known for. After a welcome from Braemar Hospital CEO Fiona Michel, the students toured the hospital wards and theatre environment. They were shown laparoscopic surgery on a capsicum and had the opportunity to run the camera themselves. They were able to engage and ask questions to many of the Braemar staff.