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Celebrating the Next Generation at the Annual Kudos Science Trust-Kudos Awards

Science Spinners is the Kudos Science Trust’s Outreach and Education arm which is also home of the prestigious The Kudos Science Trust - Kudos Awards

Each year the Kudos Science Trust recognises young people who are excelling in Science and who are pursuing some of the careers we highlight at our Creative Lab and STEHHUB events. 

For the last two years Braemar Charitable Trust have been the proud sponsor of the health and wellbeing stream of the Science Spinners Creative Lab. As part of this sponsorship, we also provide an annual scholarship to a Science Spinners student who is pursuing a Health pathway.

Because of the postponed awards in 2021 we were able to give two scholarships this year. The very worthy recipients were Ariihia Morehu from Paeroa college and Tupou Kaufononga from Sacred Heart Girls College. 

We wish Ariihia and Tupou all the very best with their future studies and look forward to seeing the valuable  contributions we sure they will make, in improving health outcomes in our community.


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