2000 children waiting for dental surgery in Auckland, with a prediction it will get worse because routine check-ups are so delayed.

Really pleased to have Specialist Paediatric Dentist, Katie Ayers as part of the Braemar family, as both a Braemar Charitable Trust Medical Trustee and Braemar Hospital Board member. Katie works tirelessly to improve oral health outcomes in our community and is a key driver of and contributor to  our Braemar Charitable Surgery Programme.  Katie recently highlighted the current challenges facing families and children accessing dental care, in the following NZ Herald news article. 

Almost 2000 Auckland children waiting for dental surgery - NZ Herald

The Braemar Charitable Trust has been working alongside our community partners to meet this unmet dental need and have funded oral surgery for children with complex dental needs requiring general anaesthetic. 

If you would like to help us do more, please join us by donating to our charitable programme or sponsoring a charitable dental surgery for a child in need in our community. Contact Trust Manager Paula Baker at paulab@braemartrust.co.nz to find out how.    


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