Risk and Strategy Workshop- a shout out to PWC

Continuous improvement and innovation are core principles underpinning the way we work at Braemar Charitable Trust. Trustees recently held a strategic risk workshop facilitated by Aaron Steele from PWC's Hamilton office. It was really beneficial to to be able to take some uninterrupted time to look at each of the pillars of our charitable activity - medical research, education, our ownership of Braemar Hospital, our charitable surgery programme and our strategic partnerships, and critically assess the risks associated with the successful delivery of outcomes in each of these areas. Trust Manager Paula Baker said "Aaron guided us through a process that created greater clarity on the key strategies, stakeholder relationships and outcomes to enable us to achieve our vision of improving health outcomes.  Having greater clarity on our strategic priorities enabled us to identify the key risks to their successful achievement and develop strategies to proactively anticipate and manage risk. It was also an opportunity as a Trust to have some very valuable thinking and brainstorming time, which was actually a lot of fun!"