BCT supports Waikato Equitherapy to improve health outcomes in our community

Waikato Equitherapy is a not-for-profit organization operating out of the Waikato, with a team of 70 volunteers and 11 specially trained therapy ponies.

Though the core purpose of Waikato Equitherapy is to increase the quality of life for differently abled riders, holiday programs are also run that cater to children of all abilities.
The organization believes that horse riding can improve the health of riders while developing coordination, balance, and muscle strength.
However, the costs of running such an enterprise are significant. Overhead, operational costs, horse-care, and rent mean Waikato Equitherapy must spend a significant amount of time fundraising.
Waikato Equitherapy’s objectives align with the Braemar vision of improving health outcomes in the community, and for this reason the Braemar Charitable Trust provided funding to the organization late last year.
Waikato Equitherapy acknowledged that this funding will go a long way towards helping them purchase new equipment like safety helmets and games equipment and are grateful for the support.
The funding will make a significant difference to the families that use the horse-riding services and will allow the organization to expand its resources and improve the ways in which it can help the Waikato community.
We are proud to be partnering with people that offer such a unique route towards improved health and can’t wait to see what they do next.


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