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Meet Braemar Hospital Board Chair, Graeme Milne

Graeme Milne is the Chairman of the Braemar Hospital Board. Braemar Hospital is 100% owned by the Braemar Charitable Trust.

In mid-2020, Graeme applied for and was offered a position on the Braemar Hospital Board. He was quick to accept the role of Chairman, and since then has helped the team focus on ensuring that the hospital runs efficiently and strategically.

Graeme strongly believes that being a charitable Trust, Braemar meets a vital need in the community with a vision that revolves around health and education. Given that these two elements, health and education, are crucial in society, Graeme sees any chance to be involved in such work as time well spent.

When it comes to strategy, the Braemar Trust contributes to the objectives of the hospital in a rather cyclical and synergistic way. As shareholder, money earned by the Hospital goes back to the Braemar Trust, and these funds often are directed towards activities like charitable surgeries that take place at Braemar hospital and utilize Braemar staff and facilities.

The more influential the Braemar Charitable Trust becomes, the more people it will have the capacity to help, and as the hospital is a key pillar of the Trust’s operations, any increase in its activities are a benefit.


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