Introducing Jamie McAuslan

Braemar Charitable Trust would like to introduce you to one of our volunteers, Jamie McAuslan. Jamie is leading a refresh of our financial and non-financial dashboard used by management and the board to track financial performance and drive better health outcomes from monitoring the impact of our charitable activities. Jamie brings impressive software capability and reporting acumen from the work she does every day and used her employer’s volunteer program to put these skills to use at Braemar. She works for PwC, a provider of consulting and assurance services and is one of many employees who volunteer across a range of not for profit and charitable organizations in their communities, including Waikato.

In late 2021, Jamie started work on building a comprehensive reporting dashboard that identifies the key metrics BCT wants to measure on a monthly and annual basis. The development process has allowed Jamie to identify strengths and gaps in her own skill set and has provided opportunities for her to grow and develop in those areas. “I knew I would be an amazing work opportunity to develop my… skills for a great cause”, says Jamie. “Giving time to act in service of others is an unparalleled journey that makes me feel grounded”.
Braemar is very grateful to Jamie. This is a great example of how people and organizations in the Waikato can help each other to achieve better outcomes for Waikato communities.


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