Meet our wonderful Trust Board Secretary, Brooke Gregory

Brooke Gregory is a young woman based in the Waikato, who has spent part of 2021 volunteering her time to the Braemar Charitable Trust.

Brooke’s role involves taking the meeting minutes at BCT Board events and ensuring that any decisions made by Trustees are clearly noted down.
The experience so far has increased Brooke’s knowledge about the roles and responsibilities involved in board governance and being a Trustee, and she has enjoyed the insight of watching firsthand how conversations progress in meetings and how resolutions are reached.
Learning aside, Brooke’s favorite part of her role centers around the fantastic people involved with the BCT, all of whom are passionate about their jobs and willing to share their knowledge and time.
The charitable nature of Braemar, and its dedication to improving health outcomes in the Waikato is a key attraction for Brooke, and the partnership goes both ways; we’re thrilled to have her!