Would you like to be part of our Charitable Surgery Programme?

In 2021, a young man named Michael required oral surgery to remove several painful and abscessed teeth. Due to a significant waiting list, Michael was unable to be seen in a timely way through the public health system and the pain and ongoing infection were impacting on Michael’s quality of life and his ability to work.

Without the financial means to afford private treatment, Michael applied to the Braemar Charitable Trust for treatment under the Braemar Charitable Surgery Program. Having met the charitable surgery criteria, Michael was booked in for a free oral surgery with the assistance of a Braemar Hospital credentialed oral surgeon and anesthetist.

Michael’s story is an example of how collectively we can improve health outcomes in our region through the collaborative efforts of the Braemar Charitable Trust, anesthetists and surgeons.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us or to donate to our charitable surgery program, so we can do more to improve health outcomes in our community www.braemar.trust.co.nz