Needle Free Sedation Research funded by Braemar Charitable Trust

2021 marks the second financial year that Braemar Charitable Trust donated up to $30,000 per annum to the Waikato Medical Research Foundation as part of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organization, that is in place for the next three years.

The Foundation funds research that mirrors Braemar Charitable Trust’s vision of improving health outcomes in the Waikato, and this partnership is an example of how more can be achieved when organizations work together. In this case, the collaboration is to invest in medical research.

This year, the Braemar Charitable Trust research funding was grant was dedicated to funding research into needle-free sedative pain relief, undertaken by researchers at Waikato Hospital.

This research also aligns with Braemar’s goal to reduce health inequity, by investigating a manner of analgesia that will make it easier for children, patients with dementia, patients with a fear of needles, or patients with disabilities to receive pain relief and/or sedation.


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