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Showcasing one of our team- Katie Ayers

Katie Ayers has been a valued member of “Braemar family” since 2003, when she began working at Braemar Hospital as a Paedeatric Dentist. She expanded her involvement, by joining the Braemar Charitable Trust as a Medical Trustee in 2014 for a term of 3 years.

Needing to step down as a Trustee for a period to focus on her governance role with the Dental Association, Katie was reappointed to the Trust in 2020 and then in 2021, to the Braemar Hospital Board.

Katie was originally attracted to Braemar Hospital both because of it being an excellent facility to operate and provide dental treatment from and also because our profits are reinvested back into both hospital development and to provide charitable activities in the Waikato community. By choosing Braemar, you know that a portion of your hospital fees will be applied to improving health outcomes in our community.

Katie’s favorite part of being on both the Braemar Charitable Trust and Braemar Hospital Board’s is meeting with the other Trustee/Board members, where discussions are educational, are focused on how to reflect the “Braemar way” and improve both the performance of the Hospital and health outcomes for Waikato communities.

Katie finds charitable surgeries, and the ability to help families through providing dental treatment for their children, to be very rewarding. She wishes that she could do more!


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