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2021 Braemar Charitable Trust/Waikato Medical Research Foundation Medical Research Grant-Needle Free Injection of Sedative Pain Relief

The Braemar Charitable Trust funds one research proposal up to the value of $25,000 as part of its relationship with the Waikato Medical Research Foundation. In 2021, the Braemar Charitable Trust has agreed to fund important research into the needle free injection of sedative pain relief. The research will be undertaken at Waikato Hospital over the next year.

The research team of Dr Nicola Whittle and Professor Jamie Sleigh noted that "Everyone knows someone who is scared to go to the doctor or dentist because they are scared of needles. "Needle phobia" is very common and can lead to people avoiding important healthcare and treatments". The needle free injection of sedative pain relief could relieve this anxiety in vulnerable population groups, improving the ability of some groups such as children and those with intellectual disabilities and dementia to access healthcare.

The Braemar Charitable Trust objective regarding medical research, is to invest in medical research that reduces inequalities, barriers to access and ensures BCT charitable activities are aligned with community health needs both now and in the future.

Trust Manager, Paula Baker said "Trustees considered this research proposal had strong alignment with the Braemar Charitable Trust Vision of improving health outcomes for Waikato communities, particularly those who suffer the most from health disparities or face barriers to accessing health services".


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