Inaugural Charitable Surgery Day held at Braemar Hospital

On 9th April, we held our first ever Charitable Surgery Day at Braemar Hospital involving clinical volunteers- Nurses, Anesthetists, Oral/Maxillofacial surgeons and supported by the Braemar hospital staff. The pilot involved running 2 theatres for 4 half day lists and providing oral surgery for eligible patients, mainly children and youth in our community, who were unable to be seen in the public system in a timely way and were not covered by ACC. Trust Manager Paula Baker said that "focusing on one specialty, enabled us to develop our systems and processes and to ensure we started small and ironed out any kinks before fully launching our charitable surgery programme". The Braemar Charitable Surgery Programme involves Braemar surgeons and anesthetists donating their time and expertise and the Trust funding the in-hospital costs associated with providing these free surgical procedures to eligible patients.  "Charitable surgeries are core pillar of our charitable activities and providing them wouldn't be possible without the generous support of Braemar surgeons and anaesthetists, all of whom are really supportive of the programme. Those involved in the pilot, really enjoyed the day and as well as making a positive difference for patients, they found it really valuable from a teamworking perspective." 

Another Charitable Surgery Day is planned for later in the year and will involve other surgical specialties. If you would like to help us do more by sponsoring a charitable surgery, please see our "Braemar in the Community" brochure or to find out more about the Braemar Charitable Surgery Progamme see the brochure on our website or contact Trust Manager, Paula Baker.



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