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Braemar Charitable Trust funds Emergency Supplies for Asthma Waikato

The Braemar Charitable Trust was delighted to be able to provide funding to buy emergency supplies equipment including a Emergency Defibrillator, an hours training and a Full first aid kit for Asthama Waikato’s new premises. Asthma Waikato was formed in January 1973 by a group of parents with children who had asthma, with a view to supporting each other and others in the community who were also affected by the condition. Asthma Waikato covers the whole Waikato region and educates and supports families so they can take control of their respiratory condition rather than letting it control them. They more than 3800 clients on their database, receive more than 350 referrals a year and provide free one-to-one education or education for the whole family/whanau on: 

  • Assessment of respiratory control
  • Pathophysiology of Asthma/COPD
  • Trigger identification and management
  • Correct use of medications
  • Correct inhaler/spacer techniques
  • Self-management plans for Asthma and COPD
  • On-going review and follow-up education if required
  • Smoking cessation advice and referral service

See their website and facebook page for more information.


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