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Hamilton's Arts for Health Community Studio sponsored by Braemar ÇharitableTrust

The Braemar Charitable Trust is proud to sponsor the “Braemar Charitable Trust Art Studio” at Arts for Health Community Trusts premises in Ward Park, Central Hamilton. The Braemar Charitable Trust studio, is the premium art studio space offer a working studio space and kitchenette that caters for up to 20 people. The Arts for Health Community Trust provides an inclusive service in a caring and supportive environment where participants can work at their own pace in a supportive environment to build a creative portfolio of artwork, meet and make new friends, maintain wellness, be part of community art projects, have fun, share stories and laugh.  Art therapy sessions are also provided for people who require therapeutic support to work through difficulties or issues in their lives with our registered art therapists. Art therapy uses creative processes including art making, drama and dance/movement within a therapeutic relationship to improve and enhance physical, emotional and mental welling.


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