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National Ostomy Society receives 2019 conference funding from Braemar Trust

The Braemar Charitable Trust are pleased to be able to assist the Waikato Ostomy Society with funding to assist with the costs of running the 2019 Ostomy Conference. The Trusts funding will be applied to the costs associated with enhancing the education and the support of the conference attendees. Ostomates are patients that have had surgery for Bowel Cancer, inflammatory Bowel disease or major accidents and some congenital defects in babies. They will all have a colostomy, urostomy or ileostomy and wear an appliance. The Ostomy Society is a support group for these patients and the stomal therapists attending the conference are nurses who support these these patients. 

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“Waikato Ostomy Society are delighted that we will be working together for the benefit of ostomates in Waikato and New Zealand.”


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