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Braemar Medical Associate provides anaesthesia support for NZ surgical team in bringing complex laparoscopic surgical care to patients in Tonga

We are delighted to see that Robert Martynoga is doing what he does best and helping bring care to people in need. As a guest of the Tongan Ministry of Health and the Pasifica Medical Association Robert is providing anaesthesia support to a New Zealand surgical team. Here is a link to Robert's work:

Robert is a Braemar Hospital credentialed anaesthetist and Braemar Medical Associate and has previously donated his time and expertise pro bono along with other dedicated surgeons and anaesthetists, to The Braemar Community Surgery Programme. Robert assisted with offering much-needed ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery for children in the Waikato region. Thanks to a collaboration between Braemar Hospital, Waikato Hospital, and the Braemar Charitable Trust, we have been able to expedite surgery for children currently on Waikato Hospital’s ENT surgical waiting list. Through this collaboration, the Braemar Community Surgery Programme, has reduced the average wait time for children from 365 days to 149 days enabling children currently on the public waiting list for tonsil, adenoid or grommet surgery to receive these procedures faster. This initiative is a powerful example of how collaboration across the healthcare sector can make a significant impact, enabling patients to receive timely surgery


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