Introducing Braemar Bachelor of Health Scholarship recipient Nicola Stanton

We are really pleased to announce and congratulate Nicola Stanton as the recipient of the Braemar Charitable Trust Bachelor of Health Scholarship for 2024. Nicola is currently in her second year at Waikato University studying a Bachelor of Health with a Major in Biomedical Sciences. Nicola explained that "embarking on the journey to complete my degree holds significance not only for myself but also for my broader aspirations and the communities I represent". Originally from Taranaki, Nicola was brought up between the small towns of Tongapōrutu and Waitara and is "motivated to demonstrate to young individuals that success is not confined by one's origins, educational background, or societal expectations. It comes from beyond these boundaries and instead is rooted in a resilient mindset and unwavering commitment to pursuing your goals. My university journey is also a testament to my goals of wanting to make my whānau proud, who have always encouraged me to work hard and achieve big".

Nicola who is of Māori descent, described how this influenced her decision to enter the health sector in terms of her being "connected to a community that has historically faced health disparities. This awareness has been a driving force to my interest in pursuing health, addressing and rectifying the challenges that disproportionately affect the health and well-being of Māori. My personal journey has involved immersing myself in the complexities of these disparities, motivating my passion to contribute to the improvement of Hauora Maori" .

When asked about her future aspirations, Nicola described these as extending beyond her  personal success and "intertwining with my ambitions to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of others. My idea of a successful career is defined by the genuine fulfilment and joy it brings, alongside the opportunity it may present to give back; I believe a career in health resonates with this vision and thus is one I intend to pursue. However, I strongly acknowledge that learning is a continuous journey. Completing my bachelor's degree is just a stepping-stone towards further pursuits, whether this be additional studies in the field of health and medicine, to one day achieve a future where I can make lasting, meaningful contributions to society". 

Braemar Charitable Trust Manager Paula Baker said, "Nicola's aspirations to inspire and motivate others, her genuine desire to contribute to community health and wellbeing and Nicola's strong connection to her community, really stood out in her application. Nicola's aspiration's strongly align to our vision and the health outcomes we are striving to achieve in our community.  I am really looking forward to discussing with Nicola how we can tailor a work placement experience that will complement Nicola's studies and personal areas of interest and will open some doors for her future career in health".