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Braemar Big Day Out

The week before Christmas saw the entire Braemar Hospital team get together for a day of connecting, learning, team building and development as part of the "Braemar Big Day Out". The team enjoyed a full programme of inspiring speakers and presentations, followed by a challenge activity facilitated by "Team Up Events". The challenge activity saw teams works together to solve problems and complete activities in order to earn the parts needed to build a bike. The Braemar Charitable Trust, the 100% shareholder and owner of Braemar Hospital funded the "Team Up Events Build a Bike Challenge", which saw 25 bikes being built by the Braemar team, that were then donated to 6-9 year old children from Crawshaw School in Hamilton.  Trust Manager Paula Baker said "the Trust was really privileged to fund this incredible opportunity to both build Braemar capability, so we continue to be at the forefront of providing excellent healthcare and to make lives better in our region and to enable 25 children to have their very own bike, just before the Christmas holidays".  


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