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Aidan O'Donnell appointed as new Medical Trustee

We would like to introduce new Braemar Charitable Trust Medical Trustee Aidan O'Donnell. Aidan joined the Trust at the start of September and replaces retiring Medical Trustee Chris O'Meeghan. Aidan was born near Edinburgh in Scotland and did his medical training there. He moved to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2010, and for ten years was the lead Obstetric Anaesthetist at Waikato Hospital. He has a special interest in anaesthesia for childbirth, and is also involved in teaching and medical writing. He is the author of Anaesthesia: A Very Short Introduction, and one of the editors of the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia. While he lived in the UK, Aidan was very active in medical charity, and gave his services free for one week each year to a charity. Trust Manager Paula Baker said, " As Braemar Medical Associate and current supporter of our Charitable Surgery Programme, we are really excited to have Aidan as part of the Braemar governance team and know he will make an impactful contribution to our work" . Aidan said he is "looking forward to helping the Braemar Charitable Trust to engage in charitable works in the community".


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