Free surgeries for children and youth provided through the Braemar Charitable Surgery Programme

During April and May, the Braemar Charitable Trust provided 2 charitable surgery half day lists at Braemar Hospital. We want to say a big "thank you" to Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgeon's Andy Wood and Julian White and Anesthetist Tom O'Rourke for providing free grommet, tonsil and adenoid surgery for 8 very happy, Waikato-based youth and children. These free surgeries were provided as part of the Braemar Charitable Surgery Programme, a programme involving Braemar surgeons and anesthetists donating their time and expertise and the Braemar Charitable Trust funding the in-hospital costs. Trust Manager, Paula Baker explained "We became aware that children were sometimes waiting a significant time for an appointment and then for surgery at Waikato Hospital and that this wait time was impacting on their learning. In discussion with ENT surgeon and Braemar Medical Associate Andy Wood and the team at Waikato Hospital, we agreed to use the Hospital's deprivation index and refer patients to our Charitable Surgery Programme. We are so happy that this has enabled more children to be seen sooner".

Charitable surgeries are a core pillar of the Braemar Charitable Trust's charitable activities and wouldn't be possible without the generous support of Braemar surgeons and anesthetists. We are planning another 3 half-day lists later in the year, so if you would like to assist or to help us do more by sponsoring a charitable surgery, please contact Trust Manager Paula Baker, at paulab@braemartrust.co.nz to find out how.

During April and May 


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